Progress Report #1 – ( October 16, 2019)

Alright folks, time for the first update! It’s been a busy past 2 weeks since the Announcement, so let’s get to it!…

The Tutorial-

The Tutorial-This has been the primary focus of the last 2 weeks. On announcing Grid Creeps the Tutorial was just a slide show with a lot of text, but it has now been replaced with an interactive walkthrough that has much less to read. The new Tutorial guides the player through first explaining the information presented on the HUD before walking the Player through the process of building a simple Base without the hassle of an impending attack. When the Tutorial is over the Player gains full Control of the Game and you can play it out as you normally would. Naturally, Tutorial Mode is set on Easy. This part of the Game has been a Challenge, but it is almost complete!

Grid Creeps Guide-

Grid Creeps Guide-This next Update will focus on explaining the Game’s details, which will include a video of the Tutorial and this Guide. The Guide will explain the Game’s mechanics in detail and should answer most questions you may have about how the Game works.

Tower Target Priority-

Tower Target Priority-This is the next thing I will be working on after the Tutorial is finished. There are some minor imperfections with the current system, which is fully automated at the moment- Towers shoot at the closest Enemy they can see. The new system will give the Player options, allowing the Player to choose how each Tower picks its targets, like shoot at the Strongest, Weakest, Closest to the Headquarters, certain color Creeps, etc.

The Leaderboard-

The Leaderboard-I have started preliminary work on an Online Leaderboard, though for the time being there are more pressing issues that need attention before I dive deeper into it. I view this as my biggest challenge, which I don’t expect to be ready on the first Early Access Release. Online Leaderboards are a step up in difficulty for me compared to making the local Leaderboard and the Game itself; it’s something I haven’t done before but this Game wouldn’t exist if I hadn’t done a whole load of things I’d never done before. I also have some technical decisions to make on how best to implement it.

There will also be a local Leaderboard which only counts the Games that you have played, so that you can play against yourself and anyone else who plays on your Machine while the Online version is being worked on. If this isn’t in the very first Early Access Release then it will be in the first Patch- I am optimistic, though I don’t want to over-promise.

What’s new with the Creeps?

What’s new with the Creeps?Blue Creep is the fellow that has seen changes. This week I have added in what makes this enemy unique- when he dies 4 Baby Blue Creeps are born. With their small size, they can fit between some Buildings and Towers without having to destroy them first to get to your Headquarters. Some Towers might also have trouble hitting them thanks to their small size. You won’t see these little guys in the First Trailer since they’re new. I still need to tweak the code slightly to keep these little fellows from occasionally getting stuck in things you’ve built, otherwise Blue Creep is just about ready for Release.

Regarding the other Creeps, they’re ready for Release- Red is your Standard Baddie, with mediocre stats. Green is the Sniper of the bunch, with longer Range and a more powerful attack but Green Creep is the slowest and has lower Hit Points than the others. Yellow Creep Explodes when he dies and is the fastest of them all, but his regular attack is the weak with the lowest Range. Expect more detailed information when the Game Guide that is mentioned above is Released.

What’s next?

Expect these Progress Reports about every two weeks. The next update will contain a lot of information about the Game with a video of the Tutorial and the Game Guide along with a general update about what I’ve been working on.

Thank you for checking out Grid Creeps! I am always in the Group Chat, so if you have any questions you are free to check in there any time.

Progress Report #0 – September 12, 2019

September 12, 2019Grid Creeps has been in Development since February 2019. Mechanics and Gameplay Elements are being Polished for a November Early Access Release with the full release coming in early 2020. Join in Early Access and be part of the Development, you will have a voice in the direction of the Game; the main reason for choosing Early Access is so that the Game can be Balanced and Polished before making a formal release. Feedback is needed and funds are, well, there aren’t any. After over a decade of Game Development as a Hobby I am excited to bring you my first full Game, Grid Creeps! There will be much more to come in the future, I love doing this!

Make a mark on November 27th 2019, you might want to be building bases and taking out Creeps that day!