The button below is for the Grid Creeps Game Guide, which explains the Mechanics of the Game in detail.

To Defend your Headquarters from Creeps you will need People to man your Towers, Mine for Resources and Keep the Production Buildings running at Top Efficiency, but your People need Food and Shelter, so you will need to build Houses and Farms as well; efficiency suffers greatly if you let your Food run out or you don’t have enough Houses!

Building requires Resources, but Resources also serve as Tower Ammunition, each Tower uses a certain Resource and upgraded Towers use more Resources- in other words; keep an eye on Managing those Resources, you don’t want to run out during an attack!

Survival Mode-

In this mode the Game doesn’t start until you choose a place for your Headquarters. Choose wisely, your Headquarters will need access to Gold and Wood in order to keep the Settlement safe and expand. Once the Creeps start coming each wave will be Stronger, Faster and Greater in Number than the Wave before it, don’t get too comfortable, the Waves Never End!

Scenarios Mode-

This mode always provides a pre-built Base, some smaller, some larger. This is a Good Mode for Beginners, you’ve got a head start, but it also offer a Challenge since you can’t pick your Base Location.

Sandbox Mode-

This mode lets you play with some of the settings in the Game, such as time between Waves, Starting Gold Amount, how many Creeps are in the first Wave. This could be considered a first ‘Lite’ version of the planned Editor which will be expanded in the future to allow more control over the Game.

A Word on a Leader Board

This is an important feature which won’t be in the Early Access Version of the Game. I try not to promise specific features but this is a mandatory goal for 1.0

What about Release?

The Game will be Released in Early Access on Steam November 27th 2019 with 1.0 Release coming out 3 to 6 months after. I am one person, that makes balancing the Game difficult, I need feedback. Besides balancing the Game and improving some of the Art Work the Core Gameplay Elements are finalized, this is nearly a complete Game. Early Access comes with 16 levels and three Game Modes that to try out. The Goal of full Release is to make that number infinite through the ability to Randomize Levels and a Level Editor.