My Name is Dustin Bledsoe, I have been in Game Design as a Hobby for over a decade. I was part of the MechWarrior: Living Legends team which inspired MechWarrior: Online, but that was a long while ago. I have always wanted to go Professional but Life always seems to have other plans and I admit, I am attached to my family, I don’t want to relocate, so what to do?

I remodeled for a while and had little Hobby Projects, but those never went anywhere, nor did I expect them to; those projects were usually aimed getting better at something or learning a new skill, it was all 3d work though, done in CryEngine so this is a change (that I’m loving).

I officially started working on Grid Creeps February 2019, but preliminary work began about a year before that. I knew I wanted to get into Indie development so for about a year before starting Production I was trying out all manner of smaller scale games and doing a lot of research. The idea was to find a Game I wanted to Play and couldn’t because it didn’t exist, at least that was the main criteria. When that Hunt concluded, Grid Creeps was born. Now, more than half a year later I treat this as a full time Job and am still as Passionate about this project as when I started it, and I love playing it. I’m excited to hear feedback from the Community and see the Bases that everyone comes up with! I may not reply a lot, I am Juggling a lot of stuff, it’s a bit overwhelming at times! but I read all feedback and I hope the updates themselves show it.

Thank you for your interest in Grid Creeps!